Total items sold

SKUProductUnits Sold
A-1A-1 Kedem Concord Grape 1.5L x 8 NOT MEVUSHAL107
A-2A-2 Kedem Grape Juice BLUSH 1.5L x 8 NOT MEVUSHAL75
A-4A-4 Kedem CONCORD Grape Juice 64oz x 8 MEVUSHAL194
A-5A-5 Nature's Own Mevushal Grape Juice 64oz x 8137
A-6A-6 Nature's Own Apple Juice 64oz (8 per Case)305
B-1B-1 Mayim Chaim Seltzer 1L (12/case)1156
B-2B-2 Mayim Chaim Bottled Spring Water 1.5L x 12189
B-3B-3 Mayim Chaim Bottled Spring Water w/Sports Cap (8 oz) x 32187
B-6B-6 Mayim Chaim 1Lx12 Half & Half Soda55
B-7B-7 Liebers Apple Juice Box Drinks 32/case145
donation-1$1 Donation6
donation-10$10 Donation5
donation-100$100 Donation1
donation-18$18 Donation11
donation-50$50 Donation3
F-2F-2 Shabbath Candles (72 x 8)90
F-3F-3 Candles Holders (50's x 24)51
F-5F-5 8oz Containers with lids (240)60
F-6F-6 16oz Container with lids (240)161
F-7F-7 32oz Container with lids (240)220
J-3J-3 Paper Towel Rolls - Kosher L'Pesach 70 sheets/roll (15 rolls)247
J-4J-4 Regular Lunch Napkins (500's) X 12153
J-5J-5 Kleenex REG Tissue (10x 230's)162
J-6J-6 Silktouch Tissues (130's) 30/case99
L-1L-1 7oz Cups (100x12=1200) BACK TO OLD CASE SIZE for תשפ"ב 5782331
L-1bL-1 7oz Cups (100x30=3000) NEW CASE SIZE for תשפ"א 5781907
L-2L-2 6 inch Plastic Plates (100x8) - White422
L-3L-3 7 inch Plastic Plates - White (100 x 8)270
L-4L-4 9 inch Plastic Plates - (100's x 4) White1471
L-5L-5 12 oz Plastic Soup Plates - (100x8) White1189
L-6L-6 5 oz Plastic Dessert Bowls - (100x 8) White230
L-7L-7 9 inch Paper Plate (100x12/case) Year-Round Use Only471
L-8L8 - Single Wall Paper Coffee Cups 10 oz (1000 per case) Kosher for Pesach - Rabbi Gruber66
L-8 OLDL8 - Single Wall Paper Coffee Cups 10 oz (750 per case)49
L-9L9 - Lids for Coffee Cups (1000 per case)12
N-4N-4 9 x 13 Foil Pan (100)1018
N-5N-5 Aluminum Foil Lids for 9x13 Pans (100)599
N-6N-6 9 inch round Aluminum Foil Pans **NEW SIZE 2022** (100/case)136
N-6bN-6b 9 inch round Aluminum Foil Pans (500)153
N-7N-7 Lids for 9" round foil pans (**500/case**)50
N-8N-8 Full Size Roaster Aluminum Foil Pan - Deep (50)104
N-9N-9 Aluminum LIDS for Full Size Roaster Pans (50)42
Q-1Q-1 10x15 Food Storage Bag (Gallon +) (150/case)93
Q-2Q-2 12" x 15" MED Food Storage Bags (100)116
Q-3Q-3 14" x 22" LARGE Food Storage Bag (100)117
Q-4Q-4 26" x 36" Regular Black Garbage Bags (200)54
Q-5Q-5 30" x 38" Large Black Garbage Bags (200)70
Q-6Q-6 30" x 38" Large CLEAR RECYCLING Bags (200)127
Q-7Q-7 Aluminum Foil Rolls -200 ft/roll (12 rolls)56
R-1R-1 90"x66" **NEW** "HIGH CLARITY" Tablecloth (50/roll)61
R-1aR-1 R1 - 90"x66" Tablecloth (50/roll)119
R-2R2 - 108"x66" **NEW** "HIGH CLARITY" Tablecloth (50/roll)59
R-2aR-2 R2 - 108"x66" Tablecloth (50/roll)116
R-3R3 - 120"x66" **NEW 2022** "HIGH CLARITY" Tablecloth (50 sheets/roll)80
R-3aR-3 R3 - 120"x66" Tablecloth (50 sheets/roll)173
R-4R4 - 144" x 66" **NEW 2022** "HIGH CLARITY" Tablecloth (50/roll)69
R-4aR-4 R4 - 144" x 66" Tablecloth (50/roll)133
T-2T2 - Kettle Potato Chips (1 oz) Snack Size 72/case86
T-3T3 - Baby Fingers - Bulk (32oz) (2 lb)275
T-4T4 - Kettle Cooked BBQ Potato Chips - Snack Size (1 oz) 72/case58
U-3U-3 - Soup Spoons Bulk (400)1619
U-4U-4 Forks Bulk (400)2097
U-5U-5 Knives Bulk (400)713
U-6U-6 Dessert Spoons Bulk (400)1195
W-1W-1 -CURBSIDE Delivery Service 1-35 Cases235
W-2W-2 CURBSIDE Delivery Service for up to 65 boxes/cases38
W-3W-3 Delivery Service ADDITIONAL CASES $1/ea202